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Super Summer is for students who will complete the 8th Grade thru 12th Grade at the end of this school year 2017-2018. It is a discipleship/evangelism leadership conference designed to provide qualitative spiritual growth and help develop student leadership in Mississippi churches. Utilizing a camp setting, for 30 years, Super Summer has challenged students to learn how to penetrate their culture for Christ. Super Summer is designed for students who personally have a desire to grow spiritually. Students come to Super Summer knowing that they will be challenged not only to grow, but to actively share their faith with others. In order to attend Super Summer, there are a number of requirements you have to complete.

Registration is open now and ends January 15, 2018. Cost is $250 and deposit of $75 is nonrefundable.


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Super Summer 2018

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  • Jul 16
    8:00 am
    Jul 20
    12:00 pm